Reduce the effort and minimize associated risks

Faster and more efficient processing of complaints. Creation of the necessary documents.

Figure out what the real issues are

Today, many companies do not have a defined system for processing or finding the cause of a non-conformance issue.
With «VigilanX» you have a workflow to address the non-conformance issue and to escalate the defects to a CAPA at the right time.

Gain important insights

By centralizing and connecting more of the pieces together you will have more insights into the cause of non-conformances and the ability to take appropriate action.

Let’s look at a few more ideas below.

Make the process easier

Assign non-conformance-related tasks to your team and track everyone’s progress towards due dates. Manage tasks, follow-ups, communication and any actions that may result from audit findings.

Tie everything together

Ensure full traceability and auditability throughout since you can easily see what was changed, why it was changed, when it was changed, who changed it and what was impacted as a result of a non-conformance.

Increase transparency and control

We have the right tool for you.


Reduce your time and effort and ensure a high standard quality

With «VigilanX-WEB» your subsidiaries have the possibility to record their complaints.